Why a Life Coach?

Life coaching involves purposeful conversations through regularly scheduled phone calls to set specific personal goals, business successes, general conditions and transitions in the client’s personal life, relationships or profession. Read more…

Why NLP?

NLP is for anyone who wants to be fluent in the language of their own minds, gain mastery over their thoughts and emotions, and get better results in life. NLP doesn’t just focus on the behavior, NLP focuses on the belief behind the behavior. Read more…

Why Sarah?

After a life tragedy it can be difficult to let go of past experiences and move toward the next phase of life. Sarah will push you away from focusing on the problems and move you toward finding the solutions. Read More…

Sarah K Ramsey Beachscaled

Now what?

You never thought you would be here, never thought your life would look like this, but you are here. A bit battered and definitely confused. Asking yourself “What do I do now? Where do I start?”
You learn to Bounce Back.

You take a step and then another and another. You try a variety of things and see what sticks. You keep breathing and get to know the new you. The better you. And one day, when you look in the mirror and say “How did I get here?” it will be with with a grin. Because the person staring back at you in the mirror is exactly the person you wanted to be.

Be Brave Enough to Change! Bounce Back Better.

Toxic Relationship

How to get over someone and how to move on from someone who has made you feel worthless. Why are people so mean? Why do people hate? Why don’t you love me? Learn how to be happy and learn how to be confident again as you Bounce Back from one of life’s biggest challenges. Read more…

Emotional Breakdown

Why am I so emotional? How did I end up here? Why am I so unhappy? Learn how to be happy and how to move on after a hitting rock bottom. Also, learn how to deal with stress and how to move on so you never lose hope again. Nearly everyone has a breakdown at some point. The bravest among us Bounce Back better. Read more…

Religious Breakdown

You grow up, follow the rules, find God, and feel as if you have all the answers until something in life hits you so hard that you’re left gasping for air, grasping for the comfort of the life you knew, and wondering if God is so great after all. So where do you go if you feel like you have lost God? Read more…

Loss of Direction

Why am I here? Why was I born? Why should I care? Learn how to love yourself and how to be con!dent in moving towards your future. Learn how to be happy on the journey! Bounce Back from from aimlessness and map our your future. Read more…

Loss of Confidence

Why do people hate me? Why am I so insecure? Why should I care? Why am I not happy? Believing in your own worth makes everything in your life more manageable. Learn how to be con!dent, learn how to love yourself, and learn how to be happy. Bounce Back from uncertainty and towards trusting yourself. Read more…


Why do I hate people? Why are people so mean? Why am I so emotional? Learn how to deal with stress and not let anger control your life. Your emotional landscape can be tough to navigate on your own and untamed anger can leave behind a life of wreckage. Bounce Back from losing control and move towards owning your power. Read more…

Contact Sarah
You don’t have to live this way. Give yourself permission to design a better life. Are you ready to Bounce Back Better? Contact Sarah today.

See what others say about Sarah.

  • “Being around Sarah is like being in the light. She can shed fresh insight and hope into even the darkest situations.”

  • Every time I have a conversation with Sarah I leave feeling as if I know myself better.

  • Sarah is a healer.

  • Sarah will help you answer life questions you didn’t even know you had.

  • Sarah is able to help you see beyond emotions. She is so good at thinking rationally and getting to the heart of the issue.

  • Sarah is a master at leading you to the point where you can self-determine the steps you need to take for future growth and healing. Working with Sarah gets you to the point where taking the next step seems like a doable and even necessary thing in your life.”

  • I love working with Sarah, and I’m a better and more successful person because of our work together. Sarah helps me bring out the best parts of myself. She helps me clarify my vision and figure out what I need to do to make my dreams a reality. Even though I’m responsible for doing my own work, a session with Sarah helps me clarify the next step I need to take. I would recommend her to anyone who is brave enough to Bounce Back.

  • After multiple deaths in my family it felt as if I was moving through a fog. Sarah gave me the clarification and direction to help me move past surviving and back into thriving.

  • When I first met Sarah, I had a hard time focusing on the future and what I wanted to accomplish. With Sarah’s life coaching I was able to articulate my wants and needs to my supervisor during a time of upheaval in my work life. Sarah helped me prepare for the meeting so that I felt confident, positive and decisive.”

  • I approached Sarah because I wanted to strengthen my relationship with myself. I truly needed to Bounce Back better! Sarah helped me by believing in me and giving me tools to get out of the rut I was in and finally begin to think differently about the way I was approaching life.

  • The result is a work in progress – Sarah is not offering a quick-fix but she is able to lead and support her clients on a long term journey of change.”

  • I would recommend Sarah to people who need to take control of their lives. She is a master communicator who can help you define exactly what you want and help you articulate that desire to others.