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Life is short.  Life is busy.  Time and energy are limited.   So, how do you maximize your ability to launch forward into your next best life?  You spend time figuring out the actionable problems in your life.  

Imagine your goal was to get the moon.  You get up in the morning and you start jumping.  You buy the best type of shoes for maximum height achievement and do leg workouts to strengthen your leg muscles so you can get stronger.  You spend an enormous amount of time and energy each day on trying to get to the moon, but you are not any closer to the moon because of….gravity.  You have a gravity problem.  You can change yourself, but you can’t change gravity.  So, you get mad and lament to your friends about gravity.  “Gravity is so stupid.  Why do we have to have gravity anyway?  Ugh!  My life would be great if there wasn’t gravity.  Gravity is the reason I can’t get to the moon.” You work, think and plan…but you don’t get anywhere.    

Now, imagine you try to get to the moon by thinking about why the moon exists?  Why is the moon so far away?  How unfair it is that you weren’t born on the moon? How lame it is that other people have been to the moon and you haven’t? Or, do you worry that the world might end before you get to the moon – everyone else will get to the moon before you and you will be left out?  Or, when you get to the moon you will actually wish you had gone to Saturn instead?  Again, you spend time and energy in your efforts to get to the moon, but you don’t actually get anywhere because these are all abstract thoughts.

Instead, imagine that you begin studying aerospace dynamics, start a funding effort for NASA and get approval from the government to travel in space.  At this point, you are making actionable efforts to actually get to the moon.  The time, money, thinking and energy you are putting in are actually going to get you where you want to go.  To Bounce Back Better you need to be able to channel your resources into actionable problems!

  1. What is one thought that continues to come up in your life?  


  1. Is it a abstract problem, gravity problem or action problem?


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Sarah K Ramsey