About Sarah

I never thought I’d be here.
Barely breathing.

I knew the only way to change was to take a step, but how do you know where to step?  What if I just end up in another landmine? Do I even have the energy and courage to take a step? Because sometimes the scariest word in the dictionary is… change.

Eventually, I began clawing my way up, bit by bit out of the dark hole that I called life. And for the first time, I began building a life that I wanted to live rather than just going through the motions of living the life I thought I had to.

 People today describe me as one of the happiest people they know. It was a long journey out of the hole, but I learned a million things along the way. Because you don’t find who out who you are in the high places. You learn who you really are by climbing out of the dark places. I learned to love myself.  To build myself. To be my own superhero.

My life isn’t problem free, but I do know who I am and where I am going.

And that is a beautiful thing.

I never thought life would take the turn that it did. But when the bubble of my life burst, I was left with two choices. Let life happen or make life happen.  And I was bound and determined to not let the pain of my past control the plan of my future.

You don’t have to live this way. Give yourself permission to design a better life. Let me help you Bounce Back better.

Sarah K. Ramsey, M.S. is a certified life coach and Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner (NLP Programming).   NLP is based on the idea that the world’s most successful people are able to see perspectives and options that the average individual can not.  Learn more about NLP here.