It feels strong, powerful, capable until it strikes you at the wrong time, you say the wrong thing and then you lose your job, spouse, or friend.

Anger makes us feel more powerful, yet when we go into fight mode we are actually much less likely to be able to think through solutions.  We think if we can power over another human we will feel safe and respected, but so often we end up feeling lonely and rejected.

The real power comes from knowing yourself so well that you don’t allow others to control your emotions.  If you don’t allow people and situations to affect you, then you never lose control.  You keep your power!  If you feel your power within yourself then you don’t have to prove your power to other people.  Plus the calmer you are the more tools you have at your disposal that will allow you to think through your problems rather than making your situation worse.

Bounce Back gives you the tools to build a better, more confident you.  Together we address the three realms of confidence.

  1. Passive anger:   Sometimes we believe that if our anger isn’t hurting anyone else because we aren’t lashing out that our anger isn’t a problem.  However, “stuffing” anger actually hurts everyone in our lives because it prevents us from living up to our full potential.  It also leaves us feeling exhausted, burdened, stressed, and depressed until we eventually SNAP! Neuro-Linguistic Programming is like a user’s manual for the brain and becoming fluent in the language of your mind allows you to process your anger in a healthy way.  NLP will also improve your communication, both with yourself and with others to prevent frustrating situations from ever arising.
  2. Volatile Anger:  NLP teaches you how to understand what is happening inside of you so you can get control of your anger before your anger gets control of you.  Becoming fluent in the language of your mind also allows you to keep your power despite other’s attempts to bother you. You can learn your triggers and find out if any hidden beliefs are resulting in anger.   Together we can break the habit of waking up angry each day!
  3. Vengeful Anger:  When someone hurts us it is hard to imagine moving on without making them “pay.”  When we practice revenge we get dopamine hits in our brain rewards center similar to the effects we get from a sugar high.  But like sugar, a little revenge is hardly ever enough.  We need just a little more each time.  And before long we have allowed our lives to be hijacked by our desire for revenge. However, the sweetest revenge is giving the world the best version of yourself.  NLP can help turn your focus toward your strengths rather than living a life obsessed with other’s weaknesses.
  4. Ability to Solve Problems:  Sometimes anger is a result of feeling out of control and not feeling capable of handling your problems.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming helps you create a mental map of your own personal superpowers and access the strongest parts of yourself during life’s most difficult moments.  Being strong doesn’t have to look the same as being angry!  NLP can help you get control of your life and your anger!
  1. Core Identity: Neuro-Linguistic Programming is like a user’s manual for the brain. Learning how to become fluent in the language of your mind allows you to finally understand who you really are. After leaving the Bounce Back program you will know exactly what you are about! When you are comfortable in your own skin it will be much more difficult for other people to push your emotional triggers.  You will feel confident in who you are and live with the confidence that you are in control of your emotions.

Bouncing Back coaching from anger involves a regularly scheduled 60 minute phone call every two weeks and an email to check in at the one week mark.  During this time we will discuss the following:

  1. Clarify what is triggering your anger.
  2. Assess where you currently are regarding your anger and beliefs.
  3. Review resources and options for keeping your power.
  4. Create an action plan.
  5. Strategize ways to keep you motivated.
  6. Construct ways to keep pushing you toward your most controlled and best self.
  7. Celebrate your awesome successes along the way.

Contact Sarah here to schedule a free 30-minute session. 

Together we examine what is going on right now, discover what obstacles or challenges might be standing in your way and choose a course of action to embark you on the journey toward your best possible life. You don’t have to live this way. Control your anger so it doesn’t control you.  Keep your power and Bounce Back better!

Sarah K Ramsey