Learn the 5 Systematic Strategies High- achievers Use to Heal After a Toxic Relationship

Without wasting years on therapy or having to reveal the painful secrets of their past! Find out more…

What is solution based thinking?

Are you the type of person looking for a transformation versus information? High performers take action to solve problems rather than just talking about problems. Find out more…

What is Strength Based Healing?

Are you sick of going to therapy and hearing what’s WRONG with you? Sick of not having a plan? High performers heal quickly when they can tap into their strengths. Find out more…



You hate to waste time. You are serious about accomplishing your goals. You love to thrive in multiple areas of life. You work to excel in everything you do. You haven’t given up hope that you can have it all. You are constantly growing yourself and making your life better. But… you can’t seem to get it together because something or someone in your life keeps you feeling trapped and confused?

If you are a high performer who has woken up and said “What? Is this really my life? This is not who I am and this is not who I will be.” then it’s time to learn to Bounce Back Better.

Bounce Back Better.

Toxic Relationship

Has a toxic partner or parent left you feeling like a prisoner of your own mind? Freedom means being able to unravel the mysteries of what happened so you can move on and move up in your future. Even if they have made you feel worthless or hijacked your life! Healing doesn’t have to take years if you have the map high-achievers use to heal.

Emotional Power

Feeling emotional? Is it hurting your career, your friends, your kids? Learn how to be happy again and how to make sense of your life so you can make sense of your emotions. Also, learn how to deal with stress and how to move on so you never lose hope again. Everyone falls down. Some get back up. The bravest among us Bounce Back better.

Taking Back Your Mind

Do you feel like your brain and life are too complicated to sort through? Are you frustrated with using all your mental energy to figure out your relationships rather than building your future? Learn how to take back your thinking so you can take back your life. And it starts when you can tap into your strengths to stop healing and start growing!

Loss of Direction

Are you having trouble making decisions? When you used to be so decisive!? UGH!!! Learn how to reset your compass so you can steer your future to a life you are actually excited about living! Even if someone else has tricked your out of your power for years and years .

Loss of Confidence

It’s no secret that a lack of confidence affects every area your life. Security in your confidence allows you to tap into your creativity which makes everything in your life more manageable. Hello problem solving and bye bye indecision! Bounce Back from uncertainty and towards trusting yourself so you know how to trust (or not trust!) others.

New Goals

High-achievers know that if you don’t know where you are going then you will never end up where you want to go. Yet, sometimes it seems easier to push back hope instead of allowing your heart to dream. A new you IS possible. If you have a strategy to Bounce Back Better!

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You don’t have to live this way. Give yourself permission to design a better life. Are you ready to Bounce Back Better? Contact Sarah today.

See what others say about Sarah.

  • “Being around Sarah is like being in the light. She can shed fresh insight and hope into even the darkest situations.”

  • Every time I have a conversation with Sarah I leave feeling as if I know myself better.

  • Sarah is a healer.

  • Sarah will help you answer life questions you didn’t even know you had.

  • Sarah is able to help you see beyond emotions. She is so good at thinking rationally and getting to the heart of the issue.

  • Sarah is a master at leading you to the point where you can self-determine the steps you need to take for future growth and healing. Working with Sarah gets you to the point where taking the next step seems like a doable and even necessary thing in your life.”

  • I love working with Sarah, and I’m a better and more successful person because of our work together. Sarah helps me bring out the best parts of myself. She helps me clarify my vision and figure out what I need to do to make my dreams a reality. Even though I’m responsible for doing my own work, a session with Sarah helps me clarify the next step I need to take. I would recommend her to anyone who is brave enough to Bounce Back.

  • After multiple deaths in my family it felt as if I was moving through a fog. Sarah gave me the clarification and direction to help me move past surviving and back into thriving.

  • When I first met Sarah, I had a hard time focusing on the future and what I wanted to accomplish. With Sarah’s life coaching I was able to articulate my wants and needs to my supervisor during a time of upheaval in my work life. Sarah helped me prepare for the meeting so that I felt confident, positive and decisive.”

  • I approached Sarah because I wanted to strengthen my relationship with myself. I truly needed to Bounce Back better! Sarah helped me by believing in me and giving me tools to get out of the rut I was in and finally begin to think differently about the way I was approaching life.

  • The result is a work in progress – Sarah is not offering a quick-fix but she is able to lead and support her clients on a long term journey of change.”

  • I would recommend Sarah to people who need to take control of their lives. She is a master communicator who can help you define exactly what you want and help you articulate that desire to others.