“Fate whispers to the warrior, ‘You cannot withstand the storm.’

The warrior whispers back, ‘I am the storm.’”

-Author Unknown  

I am constantly reminded that if I want a life worth living then I am the storm.  I don’t get to choose what surprises and conflicts will pop up in my life, but I have made a promise to myself to work every day to prepare for them.  If I have learned nothing else in this life, I know you do not prepare for storms when they roll in, you prepare yourself to be the storm. Be the momentum, be the courage, be the love, be the change you want to see in your own life.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  Be the warrior you want others to have. Be the warrior you want you to have.  Knowing and believing in yourself doesn’t guarantee that you will never fall into the pits, wells, and potholes of life; however, it does guarantee that you will be able to look internally, take inventory of your strengths and figure out a way to climb out.

I always say I have had the fortune and misfortune of living through my worst nightmare.  For years and years, the hits kept coming and I was left helpless and floundering.  Over and over the tears fell and the thought arose “If only I could find someone to help me.”  And, life kept coming.  The hits kept hitting harder. And, I kept looking around and waiting for someone, anyone to save me.  I finally found someone.

And, now I say “I am the storm.”

I have done the work, paid the price and now when I see troubles arise I take inventory of who I think would be good at handling the problems.

“Someone should say something.”  I choose me.

“Someone should do something.”  I choose me.

“Someone should help out.”  I choose me.

“Someone should change that.”  I choose me.

“Someone should fight that.”  I choose me.

“Someone should teach that.”  I choose me.

“Someone is going to have to figure out how to face people who dislike them.”  I choose me.

“Someone is going to have to figure out how to face the lies.”  I choose me.

“Someone is going to have to stand up for the weak. “ I choose me.

“Someone is going to have to love when it is hard.”  I choose me.

“Someone is going to have to be kind to people who don’t deserve it.”  I choose me.

“Someone is going to have to stand up for themselves.”  I choose me.

“Someone is going to have to stand up for others.”  I choose me.

“Someone is going to have to get past their past.”  I choose me.

“Someone is going to have to take a chance.” I choose me.

“Someone is going to have to start over.”  I choose me.  

“Someone is going to take a risk.”  I choose me.

“Someone is going to have to rise above.” I choose me.

“Someone is going to have to go to war against lies, evil, pain and hurt.”  I. Choose. Me.

“Someone, someone is going to have to Bounce Back Better.”  I choose me.

And, I believe that you can choose you, too.  Oh, friend, you choose you!  You are significantly equipped to handle the problems of your own life.  You choose you!  Choose your strengths and choose your weaknesses.  Know yourself, grow yourself, forgive yourself and love yourself. Do you not like something?  Change it.  Have a weakness?  Grow it.  Have a dream? Follow it.  Have a fear? Face it.  Don’t waste your life wishing you had someone else’s problems.  Don’t waste another day wishing you were living someone else’s life.  Bite the bullet and build the life you want.  Don’t waste another minute in denial, exhaustion, and fear.   Choose you.  Choose you to be the change the world needs and choose you to be the change you need!

My wish is that when asked “Who was Sarah” that no one ever answers…

“She was who everyone thought she should be.  She looked for the path of least resistance so she could people please and hope that everyone liked her rather than being a change agent in the world. She hid away and played it safe.  She followed the rules and tried not to take up too much room.”

No, when asked who I was may others say…

“She was a fighter.  She fought for the helpless and the weak. She fought to help others see the best in themselves and she fought for those who couldn’t see the best in themselves.  She went to war against hard things and hard people and she never, ever forgot that she was the storm.  She didn’t give away her power, but instead chose to use her power for good.”

Because, if I am not willing to be the storm, the change, the warrior, the fighter, the lover of my own life then who will do it for me?  Who will do it for you?

Choose life.  Choose love.  Choose you.

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