As a professional problem solver and high-conflict relationship expert, I help people unravel complicated situations and complex personalities so they can move forward faster professionally and personally. As a coach and host of the globally-acclaimed podcast Toxic Person Proof and my newest podcast Problem Solved: Decision Made I help people get past the past, simplify what’s going on in the present, and create plans for amazing futures.

I’m a star at connecting the dots for you. I help you break ineffective problem solving patterns and reverse engineer processes so you get unstuck more quickly. My clients understand how to break decisions into bite size chunks so they learn to lead themselves and lead others into great decisions with ease. You will have the tools to save time and avoid burnout as a powerful problem solver. Through solution-based thinking and strength based strategies, I’m bringing life-changing clarity to help people find answers for problems that on the surface seem impenetrable. Life is better without the mental confusion and the transformation my clients experience has earned me the nickname of “The Success Fairy.” 

I believe good leaders know how to make their own decisions, but great leaders know how to help others make great decisions and I try to lead by example as I empower others to be world class decision makers.

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