One of the best ways to Bounce Back is realizing the weakness of your situation and making it your strength.  In fact, this is the ultimate underdog trick and we all love to see the underdog win! Yes, your life fell apart.  Something truly horrible happened. So how do you make it your strength? You figure out ways your problem has made you better, tougher, smarter and kinder.  In an interview with “Shark Tank,” Barbara Corcoran mentions that in business she prefers to invest in poor kids because they have a “hunger in their belly” that rich kids don’t have. That’s because hardship teaches us things that safety, security, and prosperity can never teach us.  What about you?  What has your greatest problem and your tragedy taught you about yourself?  Will you push back your disappointment in the fact that life fell apart, embrace the hunger in your own belly and say “I WILL NOT STAY HERE!!!”? I hope so!  Because the dark times can develop personal strengths that you will never learn during the lighter times.  For example: 

1. Bounce Back Lesson: Your life is obviously not perfect so you no longer have to waste time and energy pretending that it is.   

New Strength: Embracing progress rather than perfection. 

2. Bounce Back Lesson: You have nothing to lose so you can take risks that you might not have been brave enough to think about before. 

New Strength: Grit and guts.  

3. Bounce Back Lesson: When you have to learn to live day in and day out with a problem then you get good at working around problems.  Before long you realize you are not just applying this to your original problem, but you are using the workaround skill to help you at work and in your relationships. 

New Strength: Creativity and new ways of thinking.  

4. Bounce Back Lesson: You learn who in your life is worth investing in.  People who stuck by with you in the bad times are the people you want to support in the good times.   

New Strength: Proper priorities in relationships.  

5. Bounce Back Lesson: You learn that you are worth investing in.  In this life you are guaranteed to be stuck with you.  That means becoming your own best friend.  

New Strength: Self-care.

6. Bounce Back Lesson: You know people are going to talk about you.  So, you can move forward and give them something to talk “about” rather than trying not to do anything else worth talking about. 

New Strength: Courage. 

7. Bounce Back Lesson: You learn to use what you have and don’t waste time thinking about what you wish you had.   

New Strength: Ingenious ways of making things work.  

8. Bounce Back Lesson: Pain reawakens you to your own life.  Once awake, you can take an honest look at what you want your next best life to look like. 

New Strength: Clarity. 

9. Bounce Back Lesson: You are the person you’ve been waiting for. You are your own best chance for change in your life.  

New Strength: Having your own back. 

10. Bounce Back Lesson: Once you have suffered a great loss you know how futile it is to attempt to do the “right” thing in an effort to avoid pain.  Life always wins.  So, moving forward you can practice failing forward rather than remaining stuck out of fear of failure.   

New Strength: Failing Forward. 

Henry Ford said, “One of the greatest discoveries a person makes is to find that they can do what they were afraid they couldn’t do.”  If you are embarking on your Bounce Back journey then I guarantee you are discovering that you are able to do things you never dreamed you would ever have to do.  That’s what turning weaknesses into strengths is all about.  Taking the weakest parts of your life and developing new skills to adapt.  And, that is what Bouncing Back Better is all about! 

Bounce Back Better :

What area of weakness in your life have become strengths through your Bounce Back Better process?  In other words, what is something you have been able to do that you never imagined you could do?

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