I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.”

Eric Roth, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Screenplay

Congratulations!  You have taken the very first step to make 2018 the year you Bounce Back Better!  Maybe you mustered up every bit of courage you had to join this journey.  Maybe you are struggling just to get through the day.  Maybe of you are curious, or stuck, and or you have gone through the motions for so long that you don’t even remember what it was like to feel truly alive. I am so sorry something in your life has fallen apart.  I am so sorry that dreams died, lives crashed and you are stuck…here. I am sorry that you don’t want to get out of bed.  I am sorry that you feel as if you are in a fog.  I am sorry that you feel like nothing good will ever happen to you again.  Now you are wondering what to do next, wondering if anyone or anything can help, and most importantly wondering “Is this what the rest of my life is going to look like?”

No it isn’t.

This is not what the rest of your life is going to look like.  It isn’t always going to feel like this and you do not have to give up on the dream of actually wanting to live again.  And I know how to get you there.  Because I believe with every ounce of my being that you have the tools inside of you to Bounce Back Better.  It may not feel like and that is okay.  It won’t happen simply by snapping your fingers and that is okay.  It will happen.  You can make it happen.  You just need a map to get there.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the map, but I did have the fear of being stuck, the fear of giving up and the fear of my tragedy designing the course of the rest of my life.  So I went from place to place, person to person, book to book, study to study, theory to theory, grabbing anything and everything I could to help me get to my next best self.  

Over the next 14 days I am going to give you the best pieces of what I discovered.  The best pieces of the psychology, sociology, brain science, ancient truths that have served humankind for hundreds or even thousands of years, and common sense that launched me from surviving to thriving. I guarantee you will see your life in a new way and walk away each day with an actionable plan to launch your life forward.  And, I assure you that if you take action you will see results.  Each day you will get an email with a Bounce Back Better tip.  Then there will be an opportunity for you to take action and create the results you want to see in your own life.

So make a commitment now to SEE IT THROUGH!  Plan a reward for yourself if you stick it out!  Tell a friend.  Get some accountability. Put it on your calendar.    Because what is 14 days of commitment compared to living the rest of your life stuck and sad!?  Take this map, commit to the steps and live out the rest of your days as a better version on yourself. Don’t allow your tragedy, failure, or mistake to ruin the rest of your life. Take this map and make 2018 the year you Bounced Back Better!  


Bounce Back Better!

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Sarah K Ramsey