First of all, if you have been through a toxic relationship let me first say I am sorry.

I am so very sorry.

I am sorry someone has made you feel like the worst version of yourself. I am sorry if you have been confused, helpless…scared. I am sorry if you told someone and they didn’t believe you. I am sorry if you have felt like you had no one to turn to. I am sorry for all the mornings you had to force a smile because you didn’t know what else to do. And, I am sorry if you have been hard on yourself for putting up with things no human should ever have to put up with. I am really sorry.

But, you, you aren’t sorry at all. You are not a sorry excuse for a human. You are not dumb or stupid or less than. You are kind, trustful and hopeful. You are good at love. And those things were used against you; but, it doesn’t make you weak. You have endured things other people can not imagine. You have held your fist and your tongue in situations where other human beings would have lost it. You may have lost it too at some point; but, even that is okay because someone was trying to hurt you. And, they did it again and again and again. Not being able to take abuse day in and day out doesn’t make you weak, it makes your normal. No one should have to live like that; no one! I am so sorry you have had to endure that. Living in a toxic relationship is overwhelmingly miserable. If you feel desperate and helpless when you think about the relationship it is not an indicator of your weakness, it is an indicator of the mistreatment you have endured.

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