Problem Solved: Simple Habits For Complex Decisions



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What is required of you…

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Frequently Asked Questions:

You do not have to read the book entirely to leave a review.

You do have to purchase the book this September so there is a verified purchase from Amazon. The book will not be available until August for presale and will officially launch in September.

I am looking for 200 ambassadors for my new book. As much as I would like to buy the book of every author I interview that is not possible at this time. However, if you have an email list, TV show, or podcast with over 5,000 people then let me know and I will also buy your book and leave a review. If you have a smaller audience at this time then I am happy to showcase your work on the podcast.

The book is about making great decisions and solving. It has examples of personal and professional problems and how to influence yourself in making great decisions as well as how to influence others.

I will record the interviews May-July, but the videos and podcasts will be released after proof of book purchase in August. I can be flexible with this if you have a major event I can help you promote as well. I want this to feel like a good deal for each of us and build a relationship going forward so if you have questions please feel free to ask.

My current podcast is Toxic Person Proof and covers everything from dating and wellness to money mindset and sleep. My new podcast is Problem Solved: Decision Made and is geared toward high performers.


About the book…

From the Intro:

I believe the quality of our lives rests on how successful we are at two things: figuring out how to handle our problems and learning how we move forward with our decisions.

When I was a child, I thought adults had all the answers. I assumed they had access to information we as kids didn’t have, and this information gave them the perfect data to solve problems. I presumed there was a magical “grownup map,” and if I just got another year older, I too would get the answers when it came to what I should do next. 

Imagine my surprise when I grew up, faced major life decisions, and still felt like I had all the problems and none of the answers. I certainly didn’t have a system for making decisions, and I was terrified to realize how much of my life felt like a guessing game. I tried getting another degree and taking yet another new course, but still couldn’t find the map I thought existed. I knew certain areas of my life were not working, but making decisions around change felt like walking through a maze, and no matter which way I turned it felt like I bumped into another problem. First, I tried not thinking about it. Then, I tried overthinking it. And when that didn’t work, I tried talking to everyone I knew about it. 

But I still felt stuck. This book is about how to get yourself and others unstuck so you can move forward faster. 

Problem Solved: Simple Habits For Complex Decisions Book Outline

There’s no use talking about the problem unless you talk about the solution.– Betty Williams

Chapter 1: Get Clear On The ONE Problem You Are Trying To Solve

Chapter 2: Seven Level Problem Solving: How To Get Clear And Know How To Move Forward  

Chapter 3: From Spaghetti Thinking To Waffle Solutions: Making Your Problems Smaller

Chapter 4: Getting Past Emotions To Move Forward

Chapter 5: The Gravity Habit: Stop Solving Problems That Don’t Have Solutions

Chapter 6: Abstract Thinking Will Keep You Stuck

Chapter 7: Identify Your Problem’s True Owner

Chapter 8: Choosing A Perfect Solution For Your Type Of Problem

Chapter 9: Solving Problems That Seem Impossible

Chapter 10: Solutions To Toxic Culture Problems

Chapter 11: Don’t Forget The Obvious

Chapter 12: Identify Problem Solving Partners

Chapter 13: When Both Options Seem Terrible

Chapter 14:  Buts Block Solutions

Chapter 15: Learning To Make Quick Decisions

Chapter 16: Life Is Easier As A Powerful Problem Solver