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Testimonials from our happy readers

“Your eyes will forever be opened. This is a must-read for anyone who has ever trusted someone they shouldn’t have or left a conversation asking “What just happened?’” – Lauren

In a rare combination of humor, vulnerability, and knowledge, the woman who has been deemed “the success fairy” and “the narcissist ninja” explores the peace and confidence we discover when we learn to trust ourselves rather than trusting the wrong types of people.

Toxic people talk you out of listening to your intuition. They talk you out of seeing the red flags and make you feel like you are overreacting when you notice odd behavior. They talk you out of believing yourself and teach you to believe their lies instead. How do they do it? Why do we believe them? And, why do so many good people end up in bad situations?

It is unusual to find a book as funny, thought-provoking, and life-changing as Becoming Toxic Person ProofTM. This book finally bridges the gap between studying toxic personalities and actually keeping yourself safe from them! Sarah provides the insights used to successfully help people around the world, stop talking about their toxic people problems, and start solving their toxic people problems.

She flips the script on traditional notions such as codependency and teaches you how toxic people use your strengths against you. Her research has shown that healing and happiness aren’t found in studying narcissism but in the triumph of a life well-lived.

Whether you’ve been taken advantage of by a boss or coworker, want to protect someone you love from a toxic person entanglement, or are dealing with a toxic ex, you’ll find hope and help within these pages.

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