Balance Well Being AND Productivity.

77% of people in national surveys say they have experienced burn out. The future of business is easy to predict: the strongest companies moving forward will understand how to navigate the delicate balance of well-being and productivity. They will understand a culture of caring involves giving people a framework to create independent problem solvers. These companies will protect their high performers from burning out and retain employees so they can experience peace AND profits.

Here is a secret about your employees…most have never had formal training on decision making or independent problem solving. Past generations told us to do something because the parent said so. Teachers told everyone to be quiet and answer the questions on page 15.  Even if adults DID teach a strategy for making decisions, this thing called the internet changed things a bit. Most people are overloaded with information and WANT to be independent decision makers and problem solvers, but are not sure HOW to become independent decision makers and problem solvers. This is where I come in.

Crucial Stats:

Listening to complaining for 30 minutes a day shrinks your brain (Stanford)
1/3 of employees spend 20 hours per month complaining (Harvard)
76% of managers feel overwhelmed as they lead people (Verizon)
Procrastinating 3 hours per day costs businesses $15,000 annually for a $40,000 salaried worker.


There are two types of people; those who are great at making decisions and those who struggle with making decisions. People who are intuitive at making decisions don’t know who to train the people who struggle because they just seem to know what to do. Yet, they are trying to compassionately lead their team to independent problem solving to meet their company goals.

Problem Solved bridges the gap between caring about well being and still finding quick ways to get to action. If your company has employees stuck in complaining, people calling your work place toxic, or you are finding it difficult to retain employees because they are more interested in talking about their problems and less interested in solving their problems then your leaders need to be trained in the Problem Solved method.

The Problem Solved Method

  • Teaches the language of overwhelm so you can break down employee problems to get them to move forward.
  • Creates a culture of solution based thinking so people are internally motivated to not complain.
  • Create action oriented cultures to help companies move forward faster.
  • Helps leaders learn a process to share care and concern while also moving people toward productivity.
  • Takes mid-level employers to higher performing levels
  • Protects high-performers from burnout due to frustration with lower performers
  • Find creative solutions to frustrating and high- conflict employees.


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