Hi! I’m Sarah

Best-selling Author
Globally-acclaimed Host

Hi! I’m Sarah

Life strategist, relationship specialist, creative solution finder, and heart-centered problem solver.

As a professional problem solver and relationship expert, I help people unravel complicated situations and complex personalities so they can move forward faster professionally and personally. My work in coaching began in helping people unravel the confusion of high-conflict personalities and finding ways to work with people who were non negotiators. 

When my clients began taking these skills to the workplace they were instantly seen as leaders and began getting significant raises. This earned me the nickname “The Success Fairy” and I learned my real zone of genius is my ability to find creative solutions and workarounds for problems that feel impossible. People walk away from a session with me saying “That is so easy!  Why didn’t I see that?”

Most people look at a Beethoven Sonata and see black and white jumbles that don’t make sense. My years of classical piano study means I look at a Beethoven Sonata and understand exactly how to make these notes make music. Where others see confusion, I see a masterpiece.

I see people’s most difficult problems in the same way. There are a dozen creative solutions once you get past the overwhelm and/or communication issues. I help you break ineffective problem solving patterns and reverse engineer processes so you get unstuck more quickly. Through solution-based thinking and strength based strategies, I’m bringing life-changing clarity to help people find answers for problems that on the surface seem impenetrable. 

I believe good leaders know how to make their own decisions, but great leaders know how to help others make great decisions and I try to lead by example as I empower others to be world class decision makers.

I’m the best-selling author of the book Becoming Toxic Person Proof: Clear the Confusion and Learn to Trust Yourself and host of the Toxic Person Proof podcast which reaches thousands of listeners around the world. My new podcast Problem Solved, Decision Made breaks down the concepts presented in my newest book Problem Solved: Simple Solutions for Complex Problems available September 2022.

I’m certified through Strategic Life Coaching in Scotland, have personally studied under multiple of Tony Robbin’s platinum mindset coaches, graduated from Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Coaching Program and the Power of Self executive leadership program. My most recent training was better understanding personalities through the Lumina Spark certification as I continue to learn and grow in my journey to bring continued excellence into creating change in people’s lives.

More solutions. Less Problems.

I’m obsessed with helping others unravel the mysteries of their lives so they can find simple solutions to problems that seem unsolvable. I help people lead others into success through the Problem Solved: Decision Made program. This program is for leaders who are looking to be able to get the people in their life out of complaining and into action. I help people unravel the mysteries of the most difficult people in their lives through my Toxic Person Proof program.

My work has been feature in Today.com, The Solution Journal, Authority Magazine, UpJourney, Emotional Intelligence Magazine, Transformation Talk Radio, Medium, The Elephant Journal, and Your Best Self TV.