Finally, a book that bridges the gap between mental health and getting things done…

We know that leadership requires both empathy and emotional intelligence, but how do we continue to respect others well being and still move them forward? Problem Solved unravels the language of overwhelm to help people move forward faster. Indecision is the enemy of success and there are far too many people who understand how to talk about their problems, but have no clue about how to solve their problems.

Whether you are looking to get your employee unstuck, your client unstuck or yourself unstuck the solution is developing a framework for making decisions. With studies showing we make 35,000 a day the best way to have more time and less stress is to learn how to unravel your thinking so you can break down your problems and get to a solutions.

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Problem Solved: Simple Habits For Complex Decisions 


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Paperback and audiobook are available September 20, 2022.