Toxic Person Proof

Toxic Person Program


Stop The Madness

Stop talking about your problems rather than solving them.

Stop overthinking and underperforming.

Stop the cycle of people-pleasing.

Stop thinking thoughts that keep you walking in circles.

What is different about the Wondrous Woman program?


Far too many amazing women are stuck. Stuck trying to feel better without a healing strategy. Stuck in research mode, learning everything there is to learn about personality disorders, troubled childhoods, and what is wrong with themselves. Stuck in a healing journey they worry will last for life.

These women find themselves asking “Is this all there is?”

The answer is a very strong “No!” This is NOT your only option for creating the life you want.

Sarah's Wondrous Woman program walks you through 3 distinct sections to help you maximize your life results




Connect With Yourself, What is Right With You?

The Wondrous Woman program is designed to help you turn your gaze away from the toxic person and start thinking about you again. However, we don’t start with what is wrong with you…we start with what is RIGHT with you. Imagine an Olympic athlete trying to run the toughest race of her life by focusing on anxiety, her wounded inner child, talking about the worst things that have ever happened to her, and studying codependency.

The athlete would be exhausted before she even started running! If you are feeling exhausted from your current healing strategy (or lack of healing strategy) then you need part 1 of the Wondrous Woman program, connecting with what is right with you. This involves clearing your head,  becoming your own best problem solver, knowing what strengths you have to bring to this stage of life, and reconnecting with your confidence and sense of worth.

Protect Yourself, Become Toxic Person Proof

There is a difference between knowing about toxic people and protecting yourself against toxic people. Not only will you learn about which behaviors are red flags, but you will also be clear on why human brains ignore red flags. You will learn strategies for communicating with toxic people and rebuilding your reputation.

You will be clear on what is happening and clear on how to handle it. We will also work together to build an emotional cushion around you, so the toxic person’s arrows can’t pierce your heart and soul. Most importantly, we will ensure THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO YOU AGAIN!!! Can I get a cheer!?

Create Yourself, Design A Life You Are Excited About Living

No little girl grows up thinking her hobbies will include studying narcissism. The goal of the Wondrous Woman program is to get you out of healing and into growing. When you feel confident in your decision-making skills, confident in your worth, confident in your ability to choose rather than hoping to be chosen, then you can create a new life for yourself. Some women have chosen to focus on dating, others have built new careers and others have focused on rebuilding relationships with their kids. It is the life YOU choose to design from the healthy and happy version of yourself.

Maybe you will want to have it all! Sarah will work with you on personal branding to ensure you are putting yourself out into the world in the way you want to be seen. For example, your parenting brand will probably be peaceful, stable, and present. Your dating brand may be confident, kind and fun. Your dating brand should NOT be “hard working Mama” or “She who needs to be healed.” YOU can choose based on who you are after discovering what is right with you through strength based healing.

What Next?

In order to guarantee each woman achieves fantastic results, the program walks you through a video series to ensure you move through the 3 sections at a comfortable pace.

You then connect with Sarah through private coaching, group coaching, or a combination of both depending on your needs. There are several pricing options to accommodate different people’s needs.

The program lasts 6-12 months depending on your goals, but you can expect to feel distinctly more clear and calm after 3 weeks.

There is NO click here and sign up button as the fabulous results come from getting the right women in at the right time.

If you are committed to your own journey and want to see if the Wondrous Woman program is right for you, then contact Sarah at

She will inquire about a short timeline of your history with toxic relationships, but the bulk of the call will be uncovering what problems you are looking to solve and see if the program is a fit for your goals.


What Results Can You Expect To See When You Become A Wondrous Woman?

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