Solution Based Thinking

Ready for a plan?

High performers want results, not band-aids. They want strategic plans. They don’t want to feel like they’re wandering around in the desert lost, just talking and hoping and wondering and asking, “Why?” High performers want the map out. They want answers. In fact, they don’t just want answers…they want the RIGHT answers. The BEST answers. RESEARCHED BASED answers.

High performers like things to make sense. They value mental clarity. Just saying, “Well, they’re out of your life now,” or “Well, that was in your childhood,” or “Well, aren’t you over that by now?” isn’t good enough for high performers. They want to understand so they can move on. It has to make sense for them to get over it.

But…they don’t want to get stuck there. They want to SOLVE their problems rather than just REHASHING their problems. They want solve them quickly and efficiently. They want structured solutions for their life’s problems no matter how massive or complicated they are!

And, they want help learning how they can be the solutions in their own life! No blaming and no whining. Of course they have been hurt by others and things haven’t worked out like they thought. In fact, many high performers have been through incredibly difficult things! However, they are looking to be the solution to their future because they know that from birth to death there is only one person they are stuck with for life…and that is themselves.

Ready to see if solution based thinking can help get you unstuck?

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