Strength Based Healing

There is an old idea of working on your weaknesses. I will never forget the day I heard someone say, “Stop focusing on your weaknesses and start building your strengths. No one is ever going to pay you for your weaknesses.” That day changed my life and it also changed the way I approached healing. When life has knocked you down and put you in a place you never dreamed you would be why oh why would you go to a therapist’s office and talk about every insecurity?

Because you didn’t know you had any other option.

Think about the greatest successes of your life. Did you accomplish them because of your strengths or your weaknesses? Think about the days you are most proud of. Are you proud because of your strengths or your weaknesses? Think about the times you have overcome adversity – met goals – accomplished the impossible. Did you succeed because you focused on fixing what is wrong with you or did you perform, change, grow, accomplish or win because you tapped into what is right with you?

Healing should tap into those same strengths.

Building a new life requires those same skills.

Creating a newer better version of you means digging up the best pieces of you and using those pieces to move forward.

It’s possible. You just need the map. You need to stop asking why and start asking HOW?

How will I tap into those strengths?

How will I reconnect with the best of me?

How will I systematically use those strengths to move forward and accomplish my goals?

How will I find someone who has the map to my new life?

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Sarah K Ramsey