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Whether you are looking for a coaching certification to help businesses or individuals the Problem Solved, Decision Made method is the perfect way to get people results as quickly as possible and to stand out from the coaching crowd. Sarah’s clients call her The Success Fairy for a good reason; she has mastered the language of taking people from overwhelm to results. Better results come from better questions and rapid transformation can take place when you implement the right language.

Current Stats

Listening to complaining for 30 minutes a day shrinks your brain (Stanford)

A majority of employees spend 10 hours per month complaining (Harvard)

1/3 of employees spend 20 hours per month complaining (Harvard)

76% of managers feel overwhelmed as they lead people (Verizon)

84% of millennials say they are experiencing burnout due to work (Deloitte)

In the 1970s, only 5% of adults were considered to be chronic procrastinators, but today that percentage has grown to 20%. (Thrive My Way)

80% of employees and 76% of entrepreneurs spend 1 to 4 hours procrastinating on any given day. (Thrive My Way)

94% of survey respondents indicated that procrastination negatively affects their happiness. (Thrive My Way)


What Do These Stats Mean For You?

Both businesses and individuals are primed and ready to pay for help, but Sarah can’t do it alone!  That’s  why she is offering the Problem Solved certification method to help better equip people for the 35,000 decisions they make  each and every day.

There are two types of people; those who are great at making decisions and those who struggle with making decisions. People who are intuitive at making decisions don’t know who to train the people who struggle. Those who struggle with procrastination want to move forward, but don’t have a framework for understanding how to get unstuck. Problem Solved bridges the gap between caring about well being and still finding quick ways to get to action. Problem Solved breaks down the language of overwhelm to help people and businesses move forward faster.



The Problem Solved Certification Helps Businesses

  • Teaches great decision makers a simple language to help them break down employees problems to prevent procrastination.
  • Creates a culture of solution based thinking so people are internally motivated to stop complaining.
  • Create action oriented cultures to help companies meet deadlines and goals.
  • Leaders learn a process to show care and concern while also moving people toward productivity.
  • Takes mid-level employers to higher performing levels.
  • Protects high-performers from burnout due to frustration with lower performers.
  • Find creative solutions to frustrating and high- conflict employees.

The Problem Solved Certification Helps Individuals

  • Break down problems into micro-strategies so they can get unstuck.
  • Beat procrastination.
  • Make faster decisions to improve time management.
  • Unravel thinking so they have a clear direction to move forward.
  • Learn a language of problem solving to advance at work.
  • Ensure they are solving the right problems so they have less problems.
  • Creative solutions for frustrating and high-conflict individuals.


Help people create new, lasting habits by leveraging the science of behavior change and habit formation.


… Building a reputation of excellence in your chosen field, because your clients consistently get incredible results and positive outcomes when they work with you.

… Being able to give your clients a suggestion, and have them come back to you excited and EMPOWERED because they actually made positive progress —  instead of feeling disappointed and demoralized, after trying to change and failing yet again.

… Feeling PASSIONATE about your work because you get to SEE your clients change and get the outcomes and results they’ve been hoping for when they learn the secrets of decision making.

… Hearing your clients goals and knowing that you have the tools to help them actually ACHIEVE them.

All of this is possible when you learn a framework for making decision and solving problems. It’s time to stop watching your clients struggle, and start setting them up to succeed.  

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