More Time. Less Stress. Faster Outcomes.

Are you the type of person who wants to reach a new height of success year after year? Do you want to influence the people in your work and life to reach their full potential? Are you looking for the secret to reaching your next level? Do you love personal growth and the impact it has on your confidence and your bank account?

The movie characters of “The Matrix” introduce us to the idea that there is a way of life we don’t know that we don’t know. In my years of coaching, study of time management and through the growth of my own business I have learned that people give very little thought to how they make decisions and solve problems.

We make 35,000 day and very few people have had formal training on how to make a decision. If you are already a great decision maker, then you are probably frustrated with people in your life who aren’t independent problem solvers. Indecision is costing your business money, it’s costing you stress, and wasting your time.  77% of people say they are experiencing burnout. Procrastination is up 200% since 1970.  76% of managers feel overwhelmed. Employees spend 10-20 hours a month complaining. According to Stanford research listening to complaining for 30 minutes a day or complaining yourself for 30 minutes a day shrinks your brain!

With theses types of research based statistics it’s easy to see that learning a framework for decision making is the logical next step to having more time and less stress. Whether you are a manger looking to influence others decision making skills to increase productivity, a salesperson looking to help buyers make faster decisions, or a coach or lawyer who wants to decrease their stress through leading them into better decisions. We can’t change other people’s personalities, but we can drastically improve our own lives with the ability to create independent problem solvers.

Personally I have trained with multiple Tony Robbins platinum mindset coaches and Brendon Burchard high-performance coaching. If you have been working to become a better version of you, then you are already familiar with goal setting, practicing gratitude, the importance of a morning routine etc. You may be thinking “I know there is still more for me. What do I need to change today to become a higher performing version of myself tomorrow?” If so, congratulations. You found your answer!

The Problem Solved High- performance Certification Helps Individuals

  • Break down problems into micro-strategies so you can make lighting quick decisions.
  • Give you a language to lead others into confident decisions more quickly.
  • Develop the habit of clarity so you know exactly which problem you are trying to solve.
  • Solve the little problems more quickly so you can save your energy for what matters most!
  • Beat procrastination.
  • Drastic improvement in time management.
  • Ability to find a clear direction to move forward.
  • Learn a language of problem solving to advance at work.
  • Ensure you are solving the right problems so you have less problems.
  • Find creative solutions for frustrating and high-conflict individuals.
  • Another certification to add to your resume to further stand out among your peers.
  • A language to break down overwhelm to receive raving reviews from clients or to help retain your employees.
  • A clear path to balance well being and productivity.
  • A process for completing stress cycles so you don’t stress stack and blow up on the wrong person or take your stress home.

Results You Should Expect To See After The Problem Solved High- performance Certification

  • The confidence that you are solving the right problems.
  • Goals are easier to attain.
  • Other people commenting on how fast your are able to make things happen.
  • Watching other people attempt to solve problems and wondering how in the world you lived without the information from Problem Solved for so long!
  • Feeling as if time has slowed down. You can make more happen in less time without feeling stressed.
  • When you talk people will listen.
  • The ability to find creative solutions others don’t see.
  • The ability to calm down clients, customers, or buyers who are upset and lead them to a solution.
  • The confidence lead others into solution based thinking.
  • The ability to lead others more quickly without taking over their problems for them.
  • Less stress.
  • Less pressure in the midst of difficult situations.
  • Less complaining.
  • Living life with the utmost trust in yourself and your decision making abilities.
  • You will find yourself with the energy to tackle your highest level problems so you reach highest level outcomes.


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